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More in-depth information about the 'blackout' feature!

More in-depth information about the 'blackout' feature!


If you don't know what a black out is please see the "What is blackout?" in the menu at the top of this website. The whole idea behind this is to make are clothing collectible and one of a kind. 

We are trying to stand out among the clothing brand crowd. We want to do things differently. Starting with making are clothing unique. Which items would be removed every 30 days you might ask? Its a mystery. There is no specific reasoning behind - when its time to remove items. 

All items released will eventually cycle out and new items will be introduced the first week of every month. Some items may stick around longer then others, some may stick around for 30 days and then removed, thus in turn making that one item rare and collectible. 

For the ones that miss certain items because we know life happens or simply missed out. We will make 2nd versions of certain shirts. For example we made this love shirt: 

then we came out in the November '18 collection a section version:

When items are removed they will be put into the "Recently Removed" section up in the main menu of this website. There you can see a history of everything that has been removed.

Besides the blackout feature we are thinking of all sorts of ideas to coincide with this. We want to make things fun again in the world of clothing. We are hard at work thinking about innovations to the t-shirt \ clothing industry and we won't stop until MMC has made its mark, even then we will continue to thrive and work even harder to support the community we are building together.

Until next time, 

Work hard & stay humble!


Mr. Michael

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