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Part 1 - All about Mr. Michael a.k.a. GRE3N

Part 1 - All about Mr. Michael a.k.a. GRE3N

Hello, my name is Michael.
I go by the handle GRE3N online.
(all though not all 'GRE3N' handles are me.)
Green is my favorite color and a positive color that has meaning to me most of my life. No affiliation to drugs or anything of the sort.

I've been a drummer since the age of 4 and been drawing since I can remember. I got into graphic design when photoshop was just in its infant stages. I am 33 years young and a big dreamer. I love to create art in many different forms. From graphics, illustrations, canvas art, ink drawings, t-shirt & clothing design and much more. I created Mr. Michael's Clothing out of my passion to create art for people to enjoy. I will be adding new designed clothing every single week so stay tuned!! 

Any questions please feel free to click on the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of are website.

Always stay humble & work hard!!



PS: Part 2, with more info about me and whats coming down the pipe-line coming soon!! STAY TUNED!! :)

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